Bath Hog Roast: Terms & Conditions

Bookings and Payment:

Initial availability and booking confirmation will be made verbally by one of the Bath Hog Roast Team.

A booking form will be sent within 48 hours of the verbal booking. To secure the required date, the booking form must be fully completed and returned within 7 days along with a deposit of £50 of the total booking amount. Please note these timings will change if the booking is made within four weeks of the event. Failure to do this will result in the booking being cancelled.

Payment of the final balance amount must be made within 7 days prior to the event date. Failure to do this may result in the booking being cancelled.

All deposits are non refundable.


All monies paid prior to the event are non refundable.

Hire of Hog Roast Machine Only:

The customer is liable for any damage, loss or theft of any equipment hired from Bristol Hog Roast. When hiring a Bristol Hog Roast machine without the 'Cook and Carve Service', the machine must be available for collection in the condition it was delivered in (It does not have to be clean - we will do this for you!).

Customer Safety:

All reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of people in the cooking area, however Bath Hog Roast are not liable for any damage to any property or any accidents or injuries incurred from any persons within the designated cooking area.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the cooking area provided is not used for anything else bar the transportation, preparation, cooking and serving of the food.

Summary of Terms:

Bath Hog Roast will not be responsible or liable for any factors that are outside of their control.
If there is a fault with the cooking equipment which results in the meat not being served a percentage of the final amount paid will be refunded.

Bath Hog Roast has the right to refuse service to any person or persons who are acting inappropriately to any staff or customers or within the cooking area provided.

Bath Hog Roast cannot guarantee that any food or equipment has not been in contact with nuts or any food containing nuts.

Your personal details provided to us will not be sold or otherwise distributed to any third party.

Bath Hog Roast Reserves the right to vary these 'terms and conditions' from time to time. Such variations will take effect immediately from the time they are posted on the website. In accepting our 'terms and conditions' you are agreeing to accept such variations.

Payment of any monies is acceptance of all terms and conditions.